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    I am getting below exception .. I read earlier posts about this issue , they were discussing about proxy issue .. but i am running on my own laptop .. i dont have any proxy issues , but still i am seeing this issue .. any idea ? nInController - Exception while handling OAuth2 callback (I/O error on POST request for ""; nested exception is Redirecting to /signin

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    There's no reason that should not work unless...

    - There's a proxy or firewall issue preventing you from seeing (and you say there's not)
    - There's some other form of network issue preventing you from seeing (such as a DNS issue)
    - Facebook has discontinued use of (and this most certainly has *not* happened).

    So, this still sounds like a network issue of some sort. Have you tried going to in your browser? If all you do is point your browser at, you should *at least* get back the following JSON:

       "error": {
          "message": "Unsupported get request",
          "type": "GraphMethodException",
          "code": 100
    If your browser can't do it, then it's certainly a network issue of some sort. But if your browser can see it but you still get the same error in your code, then it's something else. (Honestly, I'd be very puzzled at that point, but trying it in your browser is still an easy and worthwhile exercise.)