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  • Requesting email and other permissions to facebook not working

    I'm trying to access the email information of the user that access my application but it seems like spring social (or something else) is not requesting the correct permissions when authentication.

    To make a test, in the setup of my application I requested to have all the permissions (and this includes of course email), here is what you can see pressing "preview login dialog" on the facebook app property page:


    While when I login to my application with spring-social the login screen is like that:


    I.e.: the permission requests are only for name and photo upload.

    Does anyone know why this behavior and how may I correctly request access to email and other permissions?
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    Without knowing how you've triggered the connection flow, there's no way for me to diagnose this. Are you using ConnectController or ProviderSignInController? Or are you using the new SocialAuthenticationFilter? If you're using ConnectController or ProviderSignInController, when you POST to /connect/facebook (or /signin/facebook) is there a "scope" parameter? If so, what's it set to? Which version of Spring Social?

    I know that scoping works with Facebook, because I've been working on some stuff for the past week that heavily depends on it working. But without knowing what you're doing, I'd be guessing at what's wrong.


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      I was modifying the showcase app and I was indeed not setting correctly the scope parameter, thanks for pointing it out.

      BTW, regarding the other issue, does the use case outlined here: make sense for you?

      I really look forward to develop such a kind of server side application.



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        Honestly, I read your explanation, but it didn't make much sense and I still didn't know why you'd have a single server-side app that would present itself to Facebook as multiple apps. Even from a user's perspective, I'm confused because the user would have to authorize all of those virtual apps within the main app.

        But then again, I read it late in the day and my head is focused on some other unrelated stuff, so I thought I'd go back and give it another read before asking more questions.


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          I'm sorry, I'm not a native English speaker and it's not very easy for me to explain such a complicated thing, I've tried to better reformulate the use case and the explaination with an example.

          I hope this make sense now