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  • Disconnect from a service provider via Service endpoint


    Service provider which I am hooking up has provided a disconnect endpoint. I want to invoke that endpoint before I take out UserConnection from repository.

    What is the best way to achieve this? I see that there is a DisconnectInterceptor interface out there. Is that the best place to do it.


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    Note that my reply is from very limited to no knowledge at all, so take it with a grain of salt.

    But I have seen that for Facebook provider there is a way to disconnect, and that it was implemented as a DisconnectInterceptor. So to me it does sound like the best place for it.



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      Out of curiosity...what provider is it that you're dealing with that provides a disconnect endpoint?

      If you want to be sure to notify the provider of the disconnect that happens locally, then yet...making that call in a DisconnectInterceptor seems right.

      On the other hand, if what you want to do is remove a connection locally when the user disconnects at the provider, then you'll have to probably write a controller to do that work. Facebook is the only provider that I know of that offers disconnect callbacks of this kind and Spring Social Facebook Web already has a DisconnectController for that purpose. But if another provider offers similar functionality, I'd love to know about it so that we can consider supporting it like we've done for Facebook.


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        Provider is Paypal.

        I would also like to publish Spring Social extension for PayPal Access. PayPal Access supports both OAuth2 and OpenId Connect specification.


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          That's awesome! Be sure and let me know when you have "Spring Social PayPal" ready for community-consumption. I'll be sure to announce it, tweet it, and put a link to it on the Spring Social home page.


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            Out of curiosity. In the end will this allow, based on authorization, that if a user accepts your app, that you can then add or remove funds to your app?

            Just because we are working on a pay/gambling Poker application and this would be awesome for our app if players could add money to their account through PayPal.




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              PayPal Access is not a payment API. It can be used solely for Authentication purpose only. At the end you would get User details from PayPal. But, there is another public API which can be used for Payments. You can check it out.

              @Criag - Please go ahead and publish API details. I think it is ready for community consumption. Issues if any can be raised in GitHub itself and will be answering them. Thanks.