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  • Setting the callback URL

    [This thread picks up the discussion started by Sujeesh at I am posting my reply here because the forum is more optimal for this kind of discussion.]

    First, in many cases it is unnecessary to actually set the callback URL because ConnectController is able to infer the proper callback URL from the request. I'd try *not* setting the callback URL and see if that fixes the problem.

    Also, setting it to OOB certainly will not work for Facebook because Facebook is an OAuth 2 provider and OOB is an OAuth 1.0a concept. And, truthfully, OOB doesn't make much sense with ConnectController because OOB really is meant to handle cases like desktop apps where a callback is difficult or even impossible. For web apps, callback is certainly possible and so OOB isn't appropriate.

    And setting it to http://localhost:9080/SpringScribeOA...ebook-callback will not work because ConnectController isn't listening at that path. ConnectController listens at /connect/{provider ID}. So, the callback URL should be something like http://localhost:9080/SpringScribeOA...nnect/facebook. But again, ConnectController will probably be able to infer that, so it's not even necessary to explicitly set it.

    May I offer a few suggestions:
    1. Read the reference documentation...specifically chapter 4:
    2. Have a look at the sample apps at Specifically, the Spring Social Showcase may be of interest to you (note that the showcase has been updated for Spring Social 1.1.0. If you want to see how it looked for Spring Social 1.0.0, you should look at the code in the PRE_1.1.0 tag.)

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    When i m using spring-social-quickstart project which is provided at, in that project which callback url is used so that i can map that callback url to my facebook apps. because due to incorrect callback url login is not working. please give some advise for the same.

    Thank you


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      As it is (straight from GitHub), if you were to run the quickstart application on localhost:8080, then your application's Site URL should be configured at Facebook as http://localhost:8080/spring-social-quickstart/. (The trailing slash is required by Facebook.)

      Since the quickstart app only uses ProviderSignInController, then the callback URL will ultimately be http://localhost:8080/spring-social-...ignin/facebook.

      Is that what you need?