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    Michael: Thanks for your insightful answer to my question regarding configuration vs. subclassing. Although I have different reasons for configuration of things like connectView (and other properties on ConnectController), they're consistent in spirit to your reasons for desiring configuration.

    I was already thinking that, if for no other reason than backward compatibility, that I'd find a hybrid approach. Your idea of creating a strategy seems reasonable, but (at least on the surface) doesn't help with the simple case of simply wanting to specify an alternate String value to'd still have to implement the strategy interface to even do the simplest thing. But, as I think about it, I suppose I could supply a default implementation and perhaps a corresponding PropertyEditor so that if you try to inject a String value into that strategy property it would inject it with the default implementation such that it would always return the given String. (In my head that makes sense, but I'm not so sure my fingers expressed it adequately to the keyboard...feel free to ask me to clarify.)


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      To be clear again, ConnectController's job is to orchestrate the connection process, which is an authorization process. That said, the authorization process can be used as a form of authentication as well. ProviderSignInController is a Spring Social controller that can be used to orchestrate the connection process in such a way that the user ends up authenticated into your application.

      I am not sure if I understood you in the right way: with ProviderSignInController it is possible to map/adapt the e.g. twitter account "data" into my local database and if a user logs in the second time only the logindata has to check against my web appl database?



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        Hi again,

        thanks for your patients first.
        I would have one (last) question. I have tried to get it work with ProviderSigninController - it works fine exept of signInUrl.
        I have configured the ProviderSignInController like above - all works fine but I will not be redirected to the twitter- JSP but always to the MyApp/signin - so I get 404, Resource not found.
        My problem is that I have already a /signin- Controller so I must redirect to my home- page because I can't have a Controller which redirects /signin requests to /home.

        I have once again uploaded my application. It can be found under
        I would very grateful if you could help me once again.
        Thanks a lot!

        HTML Code:
        <bean id="providerSignInController" class="">
                    <constructor-arg ref="connectionFactoryLocator" />
                    <constructor-arg ref="usersConnectionRepository" />
                    <constructor-arg ref="mysignInAdapter" />
                    <property name="signInUrl" value="twitter" />