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  • A Thanks and a blatant plug!

    Hey guys,

    first of all I wanted to say good work and thanks for the effort on the spring social project, I have really enjoyed developing with it - It's great to see Spring keeping on top of so much with social, data, etc.

    I have been working with a few guys on an app that uses Spring-social (and, well, the complete spring stack really - uses latest spring libraries including the cool newer stuff like declarative caching etc. spring mvc, spring data, originally mongodb+hibernate, but now just hibernate, and of course social) and its really been a great project!

    (THE PLUG! )The app is a site to allow technologists to create online resumes with a public url by incorporating all their online footprint, pulling in things like their github/bitbucket open source projects and contributions, their linkedin data, their blogs, mobile portfolio etc. and can then share their profile socially using twitter/facebook/linkedin - we are in the process of adding in employers and companies so we can really improve the end-to-end tech recruitment process.
    (End of Plug )

    So thanks for all the people who have been involved in the Spring projects and made this all possible, but specifically those involved in the social projects:

    geeklist (we developed and contributed this back! We have also integrated StackOverflow using spring social, and are gonna contribue that back to the community as well, but at the moment its not in a good enough state for public consumption! )

    If anyone is interested in any details, I will prob write up a blog about the tech stack and what we did soon!

    thanks again.

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    That sounds great! Glad you found Spring Social and the rest of the Spring stack so useful in your project. With your permission, I'd like to post a tweet referencing as a project using Spring Social. And, *ABSOLUTELY* you should write up one or more blog entries discussing what you did and I'll be happy to link to them and promote those, too. Just let me know.


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      Great - we are of course happy for you to tweet about the site (we are always happy with more promotion!)

      I will post here to let you know once we have some articles written up!


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        The tweet has been tweeted: