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  • Spring Social Grails

    Hi All,

    I am not sure, whether this is the right forum to discuss about Grails plugin. Let me know if you want me to move this discussion to another forum.

    We are developing a Grails App and want to have authenticating done using OAuth2. I see that even in grails there is no spring-social-security plugin(official released one I mean).

    I see that there is a separate spring-security-core and spring-social-core plugin. What would be the general recommendation in this scenario? Just use Spring security with OAuth2 support? Is there any way I can get best of both plugins.

    Please let me know if there is already spring-security-social plugin exists which I am unaware of.

    Thanks for you help.


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    First, this forum seems certainly like the appropriate place to discuss anything Spring Social, even the Spring Social Grails plugin. That said, Spring Social Grails is developed by a community member and as such I don't know much about it (played with it once or twice, but am far from an expert on the topic) and I don't know if there's anyone on this forum who knows about it.

    In general (Grails or not), there is a plan to integrate Spring Social and Spring Security closer together and there has been a handful of community-led attempts to do that. In short, it's on the roadmap, but we've not yet begun to go down that road. Now, how that would play into a Grails app, I cannot say. If anyone is interested in helping move the Grails/Spring Social/Spring Security story further along, I'm eager to see it and will help out as much as I can.

    But back to your original question: Is anyone else on this forum aware of a spring-security-social plugin for Grails?