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  • JSTL issues since two days


    I am getting runtime errors while I try to access a jsp page. It complains about a missing c.tld file in META-INF. This obviously has to do with jstl and I see that you fixed a related bug in spring-social-samples (

    I tried to update repository URLs but no luck. This started 2 days ago and I did not change my pom nor code for that matter but it stopped working.

    Now I am getting a NPE.

    SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
    at org.apache.jsp.WEB_002dINF.layouts.page_jsp._jspIn it(

    _el_expressionfactory = _jspxFactory.getJspApplicationContext(getServletCo nfig().getServletContext()).getExpressionFactory() ;

    Any insight on this?

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    I was having this problem myself a few days ago, but I got it resolved and pushed the appropriate changes. Specifically, the problem was that two different versions of the JSP API were being resolved from the pom.xml (because the artifact ID was different, Maven didn't know any better and tried pulling both of them). What needed to happen is for neither to be included in the WEB-INF/lib for the app, so I needed to explicitly mark both of them as "provided" scope. I tested this both with 'mvn tomcat:run' and in the tcServer in SpringSource Tool Suite.

    How are you running the app? Maven's tomcat:run? STS/tcServer? Something else?


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      Note, that should've probably had one of the JSP API dependencies excluded from the dependency that i transitively pulling it in. But I had some initial trouble there and needed a quick fix so I could get on another issue.


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        I am running with tomcat:run and yeah I need to find out where the other jsp-api is coming from. Whats interesting in this whole thing is nothing changed on my side which only makes me believe that pom definitions in SNAPSHOT versions might have changed. My project is based off of spring-samples but yeah I will investigate. Thank you.


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          FWIW, I just pulled the latest Spring Social Showcase into a fresh clean directory and it ran fine with "mvn tomcat:run". You might have a look at the pom.xml for that project to see what I did with jsp-api to avoid having both versions of that dependency loaded.

          That said, I'm convinced that there's a better solution that doesn't involve explicitly declaring those dependencies and then scoping them as "provided" (at least not both of them). Keep an eye on the showcase over the next couple of days and hopefully I'll have something better for you.