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  • Posting tagged photos to Facebook not currently possible?

    I would be very interested that Craig or any other spring social developer would be kind enough to comment on the observations below. I've been trying to post a tagged photo to facebook via spring social. I failed, the causes I identify are listed below:
    • Tag proxy is provided only for reading tags from facebook not to post (write). Most proxies are provided only for reading info from facebook.
    • FacebookModule registers only a TagDeserializer - a TagSerializer needs to be added.
    • Tagged Photo posts are multi part posts as they contain different mime types. When the restTemplate is initialized the Jackson Converter is not added to the multi-part form converter so any attempt to serialize a Java proxy to json would generate an exception -> no converter found for type.
    • If one attempts to build an alternative RestTemplate that corrects the problems listed above facebook returns Bad Request because the request is not authorized. All authorization related classes needed to set-up an authorized request inside the alternative restTemplate are private to package so they can't be used.

    If these observations are correct, then please let me know when the spring social team plans to correct them. If not, please let me know how I could actually post a tagged photo.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Please do not duplicate your previous post at Simply adding a new comment will bump it to the top and bring it to everyone's attention again.

    Regarding your question, however, I have not been ignoring it. However, I simply have not had the time to address it properly yet. If you were looking for a quick answer, I could simply say "I don't know". But I'd rather give you a more complete answer, perhaps with some guidance to solve your problem or at very least an issue in JIRA to address your needs. But other issues have taken precedence and I've simply not had time to give your question the full attention it deserves.

    Rest assured I will get back to you on this, but I appreciate your patience.

    In the meantime, if you feel that there are opportunities for improvement in the API binding, then I'd appreciate it if you'd open an issue or two in JIRA (at to capture those thoughts.


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      Hi Craig,

      Sorry for duplication. I filled in a Jira New Feature issue. Thanks,



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        Thanks for the New Feature issue. I'll have a look at it soon and figure out where it fits on the roadmap.