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  • Sign-in with facebook mobile view

    If I navigate to via the phone browser, it is capable of detecting that I'm on a mobile phone, and redirect me to However, if I use the sign-in-via-Facebook feature through Spring-Social, the redirect does not happen. Is this something that is known or is there a workaround?

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    Are you going to simply on the mobile browser or The best I can tell, going to (which is the authorization URL that Spring Social redirects to), it doesn't detect the kind of browser for you (but I agree, it would be nice if it would).

    The documentation at says that I should redirect to" and their documentation also shows a mobile-friendly layout in maybe I'm using the wrong URL. But I tried that in my iPhone simulator with the same results.

    I'll keep looking, but from all indications this would be a problem on Facebook's end (although I admit that maybe Spring Social should use the URL given in the current form of the FB documentation).


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      I was able to get the properly display by adding display=wap. I guess I need to implement SignInController and call buildOAuthUrl with the additionalParams tag if my mobile app calls the sign-in endpoint.

      However, I wonder why facebook can't tell the difference when the source is from an OAuth redirect...


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        That's true...the display=wap is an option...display=touch may be a better option, though. It's a shame that Facebook can't detect the correct display mode, though. It'd be nice if it could detect it and then the only time you'd need to use the display parameter is if you want to override the detection.