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  • Please help! Displaying a Facebook newsfeed/timeline on a website

    A developer directed me here, telling me that I could use SpringSource to take a public Facebook newsfeed and display it on a website. Is this true? Is it possible?

    The Facebook newsfeed (aka timeline) is for a website, and they would like updates to be displayed there. I understand that Facebook themselves don't seem overly keen on people doing this, though. Can SpringSource really help?

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    Well, yes, Spring Social can help you do that. Once you get a Facebook API binding created, you can use any of the operations in the FeedOperations interface to get what you want. For example, if you wanted to get all of the posts for Coca-Cola's Facebook page you could do this:

    private Facebook facebook;
    public void getFeedForCocaCola() {
      List<Post> posts = facebook.feedOperations().getFeed("coca-cola");
      // do something with the posts
    That said, it sounds like you're new to Spring Social (and maybe even new to Facebook's Graph API), so you should really read the Spring Social documentation at and the Spring Social Facebook documentation at Then have a look at the Spring Social Showcase, which (among other things) displays a user's feed: I'll be happy to help out, but at this stage it sounds like you're starting from zero and need to do a bit of homework up front. Once you have more specific questions about Spring Social, post 'em here and I (or others on this forum) will be happy to help out.

    Also, if all you want to do is display a website's own feed on the same website, you might consider using Facebook's Activity Feed social plugin ( Spring Social is great for many in-depth integration with Facebook use cases, but for simple jobs some of Facebook's own JavaScript libraries and/or social plugins might be simpler.


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      Wow thanks! I will definitely try this one! I just love Spring Source.