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  • Spring Social community opportunities

    I'm starting to update the documentation about contributing to Spring Social on Spring Social's GitHub Wiki. The first piece of that effort can be found here:

    What you'll find there is a long list of API providers that either are or could be considered for Spring Social extensions. In many cases, there are already projects underway to offer Spring Social connection support and an API binding. In others, you'll find the 3rd column empty, indicating that (as far as I know) nobody is working on a Spring Social extension. Both of these represent opportunities for the community to be involved.

    Obviously, if nobody is working on an extension for one of the providers, it's an opportunity for you to start one. If you do, please let me know so that I can tell everyone about it.

    But even if someone is already working on a Spring Social extension for the provider you're interested, that doesn't mean that the opportunity is lost. I'm sure that the project leads for those projects would be happy to accept pull requests to help move their project along.

    Finally, I'm certain that there are likely some pieces missing in Spring Social's core to be able to fully support some of the providers. Maybe a provider requires some custom parameter sent in the OAuth flow or in many cases, Spring Social doesn't even support the authorization scheme employed by the API. In that case, there's an opportunity to improve Spring Social itself. At very least you can open an issue at and let me know what's needed. Or, better yet, I encourage you to follow the instructions at to contribute the needed change yourself.

    It's awesome that we have such an active Spring Social community and I look forward to working with you to make Spring Social even better.

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    Thanks for the list, this could prove very useful. I see that you haven't mentioned youtube on it though, I would have thought this would be in high demand as a spring-social project. If anyone has any information on a spring-social-youtube project please let me know?


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      I like to propose added functionality to spring social in the scenario where there is no local user. I am creating a random user id when session is created to be used by CurrentCond CanvaSignInController an and removing the user from the user connection table when the session is destroyed.

      Is there a way I can contribute my code to Spring Social.


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        Any contribution to existing Spring Social projects can always be done through the GitHub pull-request model. In short, fork the project, make the changes you want to make, and then submit a pull request. Take care to adhere to existing coding style and to include tests or else I'll be much slower to merge your pull request and may even send it back to you to clean up and write tests.

        That said, it is possible to do what you least to a point. Implicit signin is demonstrated in the Spring Social Quickstart samples and similarly demonstrated via canvas sign in in the Spring Social Canvas sample (your other issue with a 405 notwithstanding). The only thing those samples don't do that you speak of is to clean up the connection after the session is destroyed.

        This is a good discussion to have, though. If you'd like to continue discussing how to create connections for on-the-fly users, may I recommend that you start a new thread on the subject so as not to clutter up this thread on how to contribute to the project?


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          Thanks for such a great information, it is very beneficial for me. Got to know that a proider requires some custom parameter sent in the oAuth flow. I liked the instructions and your encouragement.