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  • ConnectionFactory for Basic Auth

    anybody working on a ConnectionFactory extention for Basic Authentication?

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    Presently, nothing is in the works for supporting HTTP Basic connections. However, it is something that I've thought about a lot lately and since you asked, I created to track the issue.

    Note the comment the end of that issue's description, regarding the applicability of HTTP Basic in Spring Source's connection support. That is, it only makes sense if the API exposes user-oriented endpoints and if instead of an access token, the API accepts the *user's* credentials. If the API only exposes application-specific endpoints and takes some application's key/secret as credentials, then connections don't make much sense.

    With that in mind, is there a specific API that you're looking to use Spring Social with that requires HTTP Basic instead of OAuth? Is it a user-centric API or an application-centric API?


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      thanks a lot for your super quick answer, craig.

      i am indeed working on a new spring-social module (which uses oauth, fortunately) but, as they say, "appetite comes with eating" so i'm already thinking of another one.

      guess there's no problem disclosing the api.
      it's asana:

      it says The API uses the widely supported HTTP Basic Authentication mechanism to authenticate requests.

      i started giving a look at how one could extend ConnectionFactory, but then thought i should firt ask if anybody was working on it.

      thanks a lot.


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        Although it's not a high priority to add HTTP Basic support, one shortcut (of sorts) is to fork Spring Social, implement the necessary pieces, then submit a pull request. After some review on my part and perhaps some adjustment on your part, I can merge it into the code and suddenly Spring Social support HTTP Basic connections.

        As for the Asana API...may I list it at Perhaps with a link to your project's GitHub (or other) project URL?


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          Thanks a lot.

          Wow! Did not find that API list when I first started working on mine (almost complete?).

          Actually, the asana thing has not even started.

          The other one (the almost complete one) I'm working on is for Miso

          It's here:

          I started with a "let's give it a try" kind of mindset, I got hooked right away.

          I actually emailed you a while ago (found your email here ) 'cause at first I couldn't get anything started, and I wasn't sure this was the right place to "publicly" ask for help.
          But as it happens, I managed to roll it and it's going quite smoothly.

          I'll be contacting you once i get it to 99% and ask for you review (if that's how it works).

          As for the Basic Auth ConnectionFactory, I'll give a try at that too and let you know. What do you say?


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            Glad to hear that you got hooked. :-)

            By all means, if you want to try your hand at creating a HTTP Basic connection factory, then go ahead. Just fork Spring Social, write the necessary bits, then when you're ready submit a pull request. I'll be happy to consider it. Warning: I may nitpick on your code, so be sure to at least (1) write good tests and (2) try to follow the coding style already followed in Spring Social. (For your own extension, you are free to use whatever style you want, but code that will be merged into Spring Social needs to follow our conventions.)

            Regarding Spring Social Miso: May I add that to the list and maybe even Tweet about it to let the greater Spring Social community know? Maybe you'll get some community help in testing it or fleshing out any incomplete stuff. (Open Source is awesome...Open Source on GitHub even better.)


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              By all means let the world know! If you reference me I'm (how original) @mfirry on twitter too.

              Opensource is cool, github is awesome. I'm learning a lot from doing this. Doesn't matter the amount of critics and insult I'll get :P