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  • Facebook signin: show custom fields on facebook signin page


    I guess this is a newbie question (but I couldn't find the answer on this forum).

    We have our own web application, in which we would like to provide Facebook login functionality.
    When the user logs in using the Facebook button, we still want to -automatically- create an account on our web app, for this user (the 'login part' is already working).

    To be able to do this we need some additional fields, like -among others- a password field for the web app.
    I know Facebook provides this possibilty : .

    But is this also possible using Spring Social ?
    Can we somehow add some custom fields, using the Spring Social API ?
    Or is there another way to do this?

    Thanks !

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    It depends on what you mean by "automatically". When I first read that, I was thinking of the Spring Social Quickstart app which (more or less) automatically creates an account upon the user authenticating with Facebook. Really, it sorta fakes account creation as that sample doesn't have a real notion of account, but all of the pieces are in place to support it.

    Take a look at SimpleConnectionSignUp (, which fakes the registration by simply returning a generated account ID. But that same method could take the Connection it's given to fetch more profile data and use it as the registration is performed.

    But then I read more of your question and saw you had additional fields. For that, you must prompt the user to enter that additional information and it's more semi-automatic than automatic. For that, the sign-in with Facebook and sign-in with Twitter functionality you find in Spring Social Showcase ( comes to mind. In that case, if an automatic sign-in can't be done, the flow is redirected to a registration page where you can ask the user to enter whatever your app needs for registration. And there are some details that can be autopopulated from the user's Facebook/Twitter profile.

    I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for or not...if not, please clarify how what you want to do is different than what these samples show.


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      Hi Craig,

      I have a similar question to the one asked here.

      As JohanR31 pointed (, during a sign up to an App, Facebook supports asking the user for additional custom fields. Then after a successfull registration FB would send those fields and values back to my site.

      I don't want to display a sign up form asking for those fields.

      Does Spring Social support handling those custom fields? If yes, how would I do it?


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        Are you asking if Spring Social supports handling the callback from Facebook's registration plugin (including custom fields)? If that's your question, then the answer is no.

        Awhile back I created to track this as a new feature. But it never bubbled up high enough in priority for me to implement it. But I can see how it'd be a very useful feature to have when working with Facebook. If this is something you want, please vote on the issue. Or better yet, if you're so inclined, try to implement it yourself and submit it as a pull request...I'll be happy to review it and maybe merge it.