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  • nilesh4java
    started a topic Spring Social with Liferay portlet

    Spring Social with Liferay portlet

    Hi Friends,

    Spring Social is awesome to integrate Social Platforms like FB, Twitter in to the application. I am having an application developed in Liferay Portal Server (Portlet 2.0), and I am very keen to use the Spring Social services.

    I am just wondering that to use the Spring Social, do I have to user SpringMVC portlet only? Bcoz currently all my portlets are being developed by inheriting LiferayPortlet.

    Any guidance is appreciable.



  • markivnp
    Can't seem to find these portlets on the market place. Any insights if these portlets are added to the market pace.


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  • jcarrey
    You can choose the way to implement your controllers, you can still use springMVC and deploy your web application as a normal webapp on the app server, but you can also use spring-portlet or even liferay MVCPortlet to implement your controllers making use of spring-social connectors to the social networks, and also the repository for saving the user connections.

    Zaizi is building some portlets with spring-social for Liferay 6.1EE and 6.1CE which will be available on Liferay Marketplace.

    This portlets will include some features like :
    Facebook user friends, user feed, group feed, search results, user profile.
    Twitter login, followers, following, user tweets, search results, user profile.
    Linkedin login, user network updates, group network updates, user profile.

    We are also planing to develop some hooks to provide a "post to facebook wall and make a tweet" on Wall portlet, but as we are also developing an enhanced "Social Wall Portlet" which provides much more functionality than the one provided by Liferay (It has comments, its full ajax), we may also make use of spring-social to publish the shares of this new Wall portlet to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    All of them as separate portlets in the same plugin, but login was integrated also as part of the out of the box login-portlet of Liferay in order to login with OAuth mechanism against twitter and linkedin, (Facebook is also supported, but as Liferay out of the box supports facebook, its not really needed).

    We have also created a separate login portlet in order to provide authentication against several social networks with the same user.

    Hope it was helpful



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  • habuma
    As it is now, Spring Social's connection flow support is based on Spring MVC web controllers. So, that (probably) won't work in Liferay (I say "probably" because it has been awhile since I've looked at LifeRay, so I'm not sure of the details here).

    But Spring Social's controllers are just a high-level controller-based abstraction on top of the rest of Spring Social's connection framework. If someone who knows how to write Liferay portlets were to dig into the code for ConnectController, they'd probably be able to figure out how to write a Liferay portlet that does the same job as ConnectController.

    I don't know how to do that and it is a somewhat specific use-case, so I don't plan on implementing it (unless there's a large enough community demand for it). But if you or someone else is willing to do it, then I'll be happy to assist as much as I can. And, I'd be especially happy to help you get it working if you were to contribute a ConnectPortlet (or some such thing) back to the Spring Social community. Let me know how I can help out.

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