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  • Facebook - location only at album level and not on individual photos

    Hi again,

    just wondered if this feature is in the works ?

    In Facebook i can tag a location to an album but also to a photo.

    Spring social api only seems to give me the location that was tagged to the album, or is there another way ?


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    Are you saying that Photos can also have an associated location? (Makes sense...more sense than associating an album to a location, IMO.)

    If that question seemed to have a tone of surprise, it's because Facebook's documentation for the Photo object ( doesn't mention location. The Album object documentation does mention it, though.

    If you happen to know something contrary to Facebook's documentation, please share it here and I'll consider working it into the Spring Social Facebook API binding. Note, however, that I'm hesitant to add anything to the API binding that Facebook doesn't mention in their documentation, as that feature may not be official and may be subject to change. Before I add it to the API binding, I'd probably ping the Facebook platform team and ask about that property.


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      indeed, I have found out from Facebook that although it is possible to add a location to a photo via the facebook site, they have not exposed this through the developer API yet


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        Difference in Facebook api between a Photo and PhotoPost

        The photo object -
        has no place attacked.
        But the Post of the Photo
        does have a place.

        Unfortunately, the Spring Social Facebook model of PhotoPost does not contain the Place as a field, despite it being returned by the Graph API.

        In general, all the subclasses of Post (StatusPost, CheckinPost, etc) may have a place in the Facebook Graph APi, but only CheckinPost exposes it.


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          Rob: Thanks for pointing out that any Post may have a place. I'll look into moving the place information up into Post.

          But I'm wondering: How was that photo post created? Did you create it via the Graph API or was it created with some other app? I ask because I spent a great deal of time yesterday trying to post a photo to a user's wall and had mixed luck. It would work if I set the source or picture parameters to a URL (as the documentation states), but not if I set it to image data. The latter case *used* to work, but no longer seems to work. If you can provide some clues as to how I might do an upload of a photo into a Post, that'd be great.


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            Habuma: I am using the Facebook web site for all of my test messages, when possible. Since most messages are posted that way, I figure that should be the primary use case. I did it on the upload photo on update status section. So it's not uploading a Photo, it's uploading a PhotoPost.

            Beyond Place, I suspect there are other fields that can be found more widely, and could be pushed up to Post. Sadly the facebook object model is muddled - their documentation does not break down which fields of their Post are found on which types. Other fields returned, such as 'with_tags' are not documented at all.


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              Album location available as an Location object rather than String ?

              by the way, is there any way of getting the location of an Album (which is just a string) in the form of a object ?

              e.g. Album.getLocation just gives me a string which can be difficult to parse

              I really need the Location object to be able to translate the location to an exact city/country



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                my advice here (as in most places) is to go directly to the docs and see what they say.
                Then go to the graph api explorer and see what you can get.
                That lets you explore the app in real time.

                But specifically, Album has a String for location, not a Location object. Facebook-sad.


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                  Rob: Good advice on reviewing Facebook's documentation, but even better advice on using the Graph API Explorer. In my experience, the docs are just a starting point, but the explorer tells you what really will work (which may be more or less than what they docs say).


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                    Great blog here. Keep it up! Please try to include more information if possible.


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                      Its really good information, thanks to this forum post by emmettwalsh. I am not developer but looking forward to get solutions from your forum.