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  • Community Extensions and status

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if there is a place to see what is the status of the community extensions? Reason I was wondering, was because I looked at spring-social-google's quickstart, and it appeared that spring-social-google was deployed to the snapshot maven repository, but it actually isn't. A quick look at the snapshot repository shows that somewhere around 50% of the extensions listed on the Spring Social project page does not do snapshot builds, indicating that the developers don't think it's ready for other people to try out? (Or is there some other meaning?) The percentages are even lower (obviously) for the milestone and release repositories.

    Meanwhile most (all?) of the links on the Spring Social page leads to github pages, which is fine if I want to get the code and build it myself, but I thought the entire benefit of the community process is so that I don't have to? What is the intention/usage scenario that the social-core developers envision?


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    Very good question...I'll try to answer it as best as I can. Bear in mind that this answer is actually forming as I write this, so my answer is based on my current understanding of the subject...

    At the moment all community-led projects are expected to do their own builds and deployment into some Maven repo somewhere. This, of course, isn't the easiest thing to do. It's easy enough to drop your code in GitHub, but getting some project build into a Maven repo is a bit more involved. That's why you won't find those projects at Maven central or any other Maven repo that I'm aware of.

    That said, work is underway to offer a Maven repository for community-led Spring projects (not just Spring Social, but other Spring projects as well). The developers of those projects would still be responsible for doing their builds and deployments into the repo, but we'd provide a repo for those artifacts. That work is still underway, but it's my understanding that it's getting close. Once I know more specifics, I'll be in touch with each of the project leads to let them know what they need to do. You'll also see a message in this forum letting you know what to do if you're running such a project or wanting to start one.

    In the meantime, you can certainly clone those repositories and build yourself...understandably, that's much more involved.


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      Frankly I've tried to release one of the Community Led projects to central repo, but my request was rejected, due to the fact that spring-social-nk is not "official spring project" and I'm not allowed to use groupId.


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        I see...I didn't realize that they would reject based on that criteria.

        A couple of options: (1) wait until the stuff I mentioned before is ready; I think it's very close, but I need to do some homework to figure out what's required...(2) setup your own Maven repository and give instructions on its location so that everyone knows what to add to their pom.xml or build.gradle...or (3) you could give it a different group ID. The benefit there is that you can get your stuff out quicker, but the downside is that it will not have the appearance of being a part of the Spring community...minor detail, but one that might carry weight with someone wanting to use your stuff.


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          Well, in case of
          (1) Such repository will be definitely very useful, but:
          * everyone must add it to either pom.xml or artifactory. Not a big deal
          * project based on artifact from such repository will not be releasable to Central, because external repos are being phased out of central. Bigger deal
          (2) worse than (1), because I will have more work to do
          (3) yup, that is what I will have to do. It's gonna be against documentation and, like you mentioned, not have THIS appearance, but I agree that this is a minor detail.