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  • Spring Social Test is no more

    This post is to inform the Spring Social Community that going forward in the Spring Social 1.1.0 release path, the Spring Social Test project has been removed. In its place, Spring Social now relies on the spring-test-mvc project (

    Spring Social Test started out by taking some similar client-side testing code from Spring-WS and adapting it for testing clients that rely on Spring's RestTemplate. With no better home for this code, it found a temporary home in spring-social-test. But this client-side testing support is certainly useful for more than just Spring Social, so last year I moved it into the spring-test-mvc project where it now lives, along with some great server-side testing support for testing Spring MVC. I put off removing this dependency from Spring Social, but have decided that as we begin work on the 1.1.0 release path, now is a good time to switch to spring-test-mvc going forward to avoid having to maintain duplicate copies of the same test support code.

    Note that spring-test-mvc is also a temporary home for this code; it is anticipated that it will be a part of the Spring Framework going forward from version 3.2.0). At that time, Spring Social will once again adjust its dependencies accordingly as spring-test-mvc development ceases.

    In general, this shouldn't impact most Spring Social users. But if you've developed a Spring Social module that relies on spring-social-test, you should update your dependencies. Or, if you'd rather wait until Spring 3.2.0, you may continue to depend on version 1.0.2 of spring-social-test; it will only be removed from 1.1.0 going forward, but will remain available as version 1.0.2.