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  • offline_access and long lived access tokens on facebook


    I've having a bit of trouble with the offline_access to FB.

    Initial connection with offline_access seems to be working fine, but after 30 min after it seems like the connection expire.

    any idea why? is it a configuration issue somewhere?


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    I haven't had any trouble with it lately, but if you are specifying offline access correctly and the token seems to expire, then it sounds like a bug on FB's side. Assuming that is unlikely, let's start by making sure you're asking for offline access correctly. Where and how are you specifying offline_access? Also, what behavior do you see that makes you think the token has expired?


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      Hi habuma,

      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      assuming FB is doing they're job right , i'n asking the following credentials:
      email,user_about_me,offline_access,user_work_histo ry,friends_work_history,user_location,friends_loca tion,friends_education_history,user_education_hist ory,friends_about_me

      The behavior i'm currently seeing is eption: The authorization has expired .

      happens after 30 min or so.. any ideas?

      btw - Is it the right place to ask design consideration questions? I was curious about something you wrote in the project.



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        Are you asking for those things in the "scope" parameter of a POST to /connect/facebook? I'm not so much asking *what* the scope you're asking for is, but rather *how* you're asking for it? How does it compare with what's in Spring Social Showcase's facebookConnect.jsp?

        As for asking design questions, there's no better place...go ahead and ask here (maybe in a separate thread if it's unrelated to offline_access).


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          Just wanted to close the thread and tell you I've solved the issue.
          Obviously it was my fault I wasn't paying attention on how I'm sending the "code" parameter.

          Thanks for the help,