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    Finally I found the issue. It's not a bug with the plugin at all (maybe the exception handling could be improved on it), it was a bad configuration on my side, see:

    Change in Config.groovy:


    grails.serverURL = ""


    grails.serverURL = "[my subdomain]"

    * notice that the "www" made difference here.

    After the change, application worked in production. You gave me a good tip when you mentioned applicationUrl so I started to use Google Chrome Tools to track the URL's and parameters.

    Plugin is using grails.serverURL but It would be fine if the plugin could define a specific parameter/variable for the URL callbacks. Something like below (eg.

    springsocial { "[my subdomain]" = "/facebook/connect" = "/facebook/index" = "/user/editSettings" = "/springsocial/facebook/feed" = "/springsocial/facebook/friends" = "/springsocial/facebook/albums" = "/springsocial/facebook/album"
    It's around 2am now in Brazil, going to the bed.

    Thank you very much.

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      I'm glad you sorted it out and sorry I couldn't have been more help. Even so, it was a worthwhile exercise for me, as I was able to try out the plugin for myself and see how it ticks. Now that I know how to get it to work, I might write up a blog article or something, paving the trail for anyone else who wants to use the plugin.


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        FYI: I've just pushed a new snapshot build of Spring Social (1.0.2.BUILD-SNAPSHOT) that removes the extra parentheses in the select query in JdbcConnectionRepsitory.addConnection(). Since you're using the Grails plugin, I'm not sure if you'll be able to take advantage of this change or not, but I thought you might like to know.


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          Hi - for sure I will take advantage since the plugin uses the class JdbcConnectionRepository. I re-implemented the addConnection() method for a while as workaround - but I've marked it as "to be reviewed later". Will update the *.jar as soon as possible.

          Thanks again.