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  • Is The Quick Start Still Valid?

    I follow the document to fill in
    public class SocialConfig {
    and I get four errors:

    SimpleConnectionSignUp and SimpleSignInAdapter are unable to resolved while SecurityContext.getCurrentUser() and user.getId() are undefined

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    I assume it is a dull question since no one has answered this question after one week. So, I have a look the spring-social-samples on github. Yes, it is a dull one and the document is outdated.


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      Not a dull question...just one I haven't had a chance to look into yet (I was on vacation until Tuesday of this week). It is on my todo list to visit the documentation and update it, but it hasn't bubbled up to the top yet.


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        Okay, so I'm looking into your concern with the quickstart documentation. I'm assuming that you're referring to the wiki page at

        Looking over the document and comparing it with what is at, I see nothing out of place.

        SimpleConnectionSignUp and SimpleSignInAdapter are app-specific implementations of ConnectionSignUp and SignInAdapter and thus are part of the quickstart app itself (not part of Spring Social). It's assumed that you'd create your own implementations of those interfaces for whatever app you're building. Likewise, the User class (and its getId() method) is also specific to the quickstart sample app; Your app may have a different class representing an application user.

        And, SecurityContext.getCurrentUser() is certainly defined as part of Spring Security 3.1.

        What do you find to be outdated about the quickstart page? I'll admit that it doesn't go into detail about some of the application specifics, but it appears to be up-to-date as far as I can tell.