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  • Stocktwits API

    This is a very popular social platform for investors and traders. It used to sit on the Twitter platform, but they have since moved onto their own infrastructure. Authentication is OAuth 2.0. As it's a "Twitter-esque" platform, the API provides similar functionality.

    So is anyone planning on writing a API for this platform or does one exist anywhere?

    If not, I'm happy to get the ball rolling. I just need to post status updates, so I'm happy to set up a github project for it with the very simplest API functionality implemented according to my own needs. I don't think it will take very long, it'll mostly be a copy and paste of another OAuth 2.0 provider (Facebook) with similar timeline operations to the Twitter API. Obviously it'll all be under the ASL v2.0 and I'm more than happy for someone else to take ownership of it once in place.

    Any guidelines for me on setting this up?


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    The general guidelines for creating a new service provider module are in the Spring Social reference documentation at

    A couple of very important things to keep in mind, though:
    - Try to cleanly separate public API from internal implementation details. See how in the Facebook module the Facebook and *Operations interfaces, as well as the types they work with, are in the api package, but the implementations (*Template) are in the api.impl package and are mostly package private.
    - Test...please write tests for your work. The mock rest server stuff makes this very simple to do.

    Let us know when you've got a project started!


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      Excellent. Thanks for those guidelines and I will bear your points in mind. The Stocktwits API requires "partner registration" and so I'm currently waiting for a response from them before I can begin the process.


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        Hey Tim, thanks for your interest in the Stocktwits API. I'm one of the engineers on the team, and we're actually in the beginning phases of revamping our developer portal and API docs. We'll announce more details in due time, but we're planning to have all of our API documentation ready and publicly available within about 45 days.

        Feel free free to reach out to me at any time at [email protected]. I'd love to get your input once we're all ready too.