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  • Spring Social Status Update - Little Activity in 2 months


    What's the status of 1.0.1.RELEASE? Seems like not much activity since 1.0 was released on Sept 8th.

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    While there was a lull in activity while we prepared for and participated in SpringOne, to say that there has been no activity is incorrect. In the past couple of weeks since SpringOne, I've knocked down several bugs and a few minor enhancements and have a few more to go before 1.0.1. I'm also considering some pull requests from the community along the way to see if they should be merged into Spring Social for 1.0.1 or if I should hold off until a later release.

    Before I can rightfully release a 1.0.1 release, I need to knock out all of the open bugs and have been moving that direction this week. At the moment there is only one open bug and I'm taking care to make sure that it is adequately resolved and not hastily just to arrive at a 1.0.1 release.

    I was hoping to release 1.0.1 in advance the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's looking like I'm not going to quite make it. But, assuming no new bugs come in, I anticipate a 1.0.1 release in early December.

    Since you ask, is there anything specific that you're hoping to see in a 1.0.1 release or are you just wondering when the next version will drop?


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      Hi hubuma,

      Do you think sfussenegger's pull request of spring-social-security will make it to 1.0.1?

      Cheers for your efforts!


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        Sorry, just seemed like things were moving really fast prior to when 1.0 hit. The stuff I am interested in is mainly in 1.1 M1.

        I realized there was SpringOne, but just wanted to double check this project was still full steam ahead.

        Great work so far!


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          The project is still going forward. As I mentioned, things slowed down around SpringOne and I was out of pocket last week for my Thanksgiving vacation, but the project is still moving forward.


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            Any update on an estimation for 1.1? There hasn't really been any commits on GitHub for 3 months so I am a little concerned on how well this project is going to be supported going forward.


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              It's still very much a part of the Spring portfolio and I certainly anticipate some increased activity in the coming weeks/months. In fact, I have a rather ambitious (perhaps too ambitious) plan for certain work to be done in advance of SpringOne/2GX in October. In the past couple of months, however, I've found myself busy with work unrelated to Spring that is no doubt interesting and fun, but has left me neglecting Spring Social other than an occasional bug fix and forum support.

              Bear with'll certainly see increased activity soon. I'm itching to knock out a few big items before SpringOne/2GX and anticipate a 1.1 milestone before or around that time.


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                Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking forward to seeing what you have planned for SpringOne!


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                  I'm also looking forward to it! It's going to be tight, time-wise. But I hope to have at least one or two things settled that should be crowd-pleasers by then. Some of the work on those items is already mostly done, but living on local branches awaiting final touches. Of course, since you're following the project you'll know well before SpringOne when I finally push them in. And I do hope to attack the Spring Security integration topic soon, although I want to be sure I am able to set aside enough time to get that right...hopefully before SpringOne, but no promises on that.