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  • [suggestion] spring social showcase - "Already a member? connect ..."

    If I get time I'll try to fork the spring-social-samples and work on this, but in case someone is already modifying this code base...

    Since spring-social-showcase represents a pretty common "real life" application flow, it's missing one crucial piece (actually I just forgot about it in the app I'm working on and was reminded of it when someone tried to use my demo A typical scenario is often that a user might already have a spring-social-showcase account which they never connected to facebook. They then later decide "Hey yea I should try to sign in using my facebook account." Currently what will happen in the showcase samples app is you'll be brought to a join form like so:

    From this join form the user will just scratch their head going "I don't need to join again, I already joined once" and it's not obvious to the end user that they should sign in normally and then find the "connect" to facebook option somewhere with the app.

    What is needed is on this join form is a link that says "Already a Spring Social Showcase member? Click here to connect your account to facebook."

    Clicking that link needs to bring you to a simple signin form that lets you enter in your spring social showcase username/password (in the sample app obviously just one of the preset ones) and clicking submit will not only log you in but also do a facebook connect. [ on this page you'll also have a "Nevermind let me join normally" link which brings you back to the standard join form. ]

    This is actually a very common flow in 'real life' so probably a good idea if the spring social showcase app demonstrated it.