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  • ConnectionRepository instance for MongoDB datastore

    I just finished up writing an implementation of the ConnectionRepository that can use MongoDB as the datastore and would like to contribute it back after I put some polish to it. Where would be the best place to post this? Should I just create a project in GitHub with the 2 classes and you can pull them if you'd like?


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    Yes, GitHub is the best place for that.

    However, I wouldn't just create a project with only those 2 classes. Why not go ahead and put enough project structure around it that it can be built and pulled in as an extension library? That way if someone wants to take a look and use it, they can.


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      Good call on creating a working project. I'll probably just grab one of the samples from the spring-social project and replace the UserConnectionRepository.


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        Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of just creating a simple library project...not a running sample. It'd include your implementation classes (and hopefully some tests) along with a build (Gradle or Maven) that can be used to create a JAR. That way, if I suddenly want to use MongoDB, all I have to do is build your project, add the JAR to my project's own build and I'm ready to go.

        That said, if you want to create a sample app that shows off using it, that'd be great too.


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          Did you manage to update the repository ? We would like to use this for one of our projects. Please let us know the GIT URL.

          Warm Regards,
          Vishnu P


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            That's a good question. I've been pondering a MongoDB connection repository in the past few days and your reply to this thread reminded me that someone else has already done some of the work.

            Looking on GitHub, I see There's nothing there but an empty README file, though. We might want to ping Matt and ask him if he's planning on pushing his work into that repository. If not, then it's certainly on my todo list to create a Mongo-flavored connection repository.


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              Did you manage to ping Matt? I am looking for a similar solution with MongoDB.