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  • Not getting all comments of a Post on facebook wall

    I am using spring social and setup of spring quick start sample. I am using Post::getComments method but i am not able to get all comments on that post only some of them are returned. please explain reason why rest of them are filtered ?

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    I'd be curious to know (1) how many comments do you get back vs. how many did you expect to get and (2) if you get the Post's ID and call facebook.commentOperations().getComments(postId) do you get back all of them or the same set as when you called Post.getComments()?

    Also, is this a publicly visible post? If so, what is it's post ID so that I can take a look?


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      Thanks for reply .
      1) I got 2 comments and i was expecting 27 .
      2) when i use facebook.commentOperation.getComments(postID) then I get ALL comments.
      3) post id is 100000358992811_265402013481763 not sure if it is publicly visible.


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        How did you get the Post object in the first place (e.g., which method did you call to give you that Post object)? Also, are you sure that you're getting 27 comments when you call getComments()? (I'd expect that you only get 25.)

        I'm still not sure why you only get 2 comments...seems awfully small no matter how I look at it. But once I know how you got at that Post object, I can suggest a few more experiments to try to nail this down. It's either a case of Facebook only returning 2 comments or Spring Social has a bug where (for some reason) it drops all but 2 of the comments. I can't say for sure, until I know how you got the Post object and we try a few more things. One thing you can try now is to go to, get an access token with permissions similar to those your app is given, and then GET from the Graph API explorer. Then count the number of comments returned in the JSON. If you get any less than 25 comments, then it's a matter of Facebook not sending all of them.

        Unfortunately, that post is not visible to me, so I'm limited in what I can do to help you with this.