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  • Multiple connections with multiple providers

    Hi there, perhaps I'm missing something, but at present, it seems that the Spring Social ConnectController supports connections with multiple service providers, but only on the basis of one account per service provider. Is this correct?

    To clarify, could I have multiple twitter accounts and multiple facebook accounts associated with a single Spring Social app user via ConnectController? If so, would you be able to point me in the right direction?



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    Well, to answer my own question, apparently you can (though I haven't looked into the details):


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      Yes, a single local user account can have 0 to many connections to a provider. Multiple connections per user per provider is shown in one of our sample apps (, and outlined in the reference documentation. The blog you're linking to is out of date.
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        Hi Keith, thanks for clarifying- had just noticed that the post I linked to was out of date, and in the meantime I checked out the spring-social-showcase example app.... though unfortunately that functionality does not appear to be implemented. In previous iterations of that app it was possible to setup a second twitter account, but not in the latest revision (as far as I can tell).

        This is a screen shot of the latest revision (no UI components to set up second account)


        ... and this is a screen shot of the earlier revision (referred to in the out of date blog post)


        Can you confirm that the current iteration of the spring-social-showcase demonstrates how to associate multiple connections to a single provider with one user account? I've looked through the source code, and it looks like it isn't (but not knowing how to do it, I could be missing something!)


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          See the README for spring-social-samples that outlines which each sample shows... spring-social-twitter4j shows this feature.


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            Thanks Keith, it wasn't at all obvious that the twitter4j example was the one to look for- is the README out of date?

            This repository contains sample projects illustrating usage of the Spring Social project.

            Samples include:
            - spring-social-quickstart, designed to get you up and running quickly in a Spring Framework 3.1 or > environment.
            - spring-social-quickstart-3.0.x, a version of the quickstart that is Spring Framework 3.0.x compatible.
            - spring-social-showcase, illustrating most of the features.
            - spring-social-extending-new-api, showing how to extend the framework to implement a new ServiceProvider + API binding.
            - spring-social-extending-existing-api, showing how to extend the framework and re-use an existing API binding (also shows XML-centric configuration and is Spring Framework 3.0.x compatible).

            No matter, think I can pick it up from here. Thanks again.


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              I updated it earlier today.