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  • Is there any way to retrieve a User's profile by 'First Name' through Facebook API


    Is there any way, to get the user profile by specifying the 'Name', 'First Name' through Facebook api.
    I tried through FQL but it always ask me the uid of the user.

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    Not that I'm aware of. My first thought was that maybe it could be done with Facebook Query Language, but the first name fields isn't indexable (according to so there's no way it would work in the where clause.


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      I tried that way by giving 'name' in the where clause but it does not support it.
      Is there any other way that i can search the user , say by 'FirstName' or 'LastName' or 'Email'


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        The only other thing I can think of is to use the user-search resource. For example:{access token}

        Will search for users using "craig" as the search term. This finds people who have "craig" in their name (first or last). Not sure if that's precise enough for your needs or not. But if it is, then"craig") is the method you can use in Spring Social to do the search.


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          FYI: The user search also searches on other fields pertaining to users. For example, if you search for "springsource", you get a list of users, many of which I know work for SpringSource.

          I'm not sure what fields in the user object are searched, but clearly first name, last name, and employer are included. But I tried searching on email addresses and got nothing back--telling me emails are covered in the search.

          This is a mixed blessing: On one hand, it means you can use search to find users using several of the user object fields. On the other hand, it means the search is less precise. A search for "walls" might find people whose last name is "Walls", but it might also find people who work for "Walls Refrigeration" (completely made up company name).
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            Thank you so much for this reply, probably i think this will help me out in achieving few other things am working on.
            I will try this approach and will let you know the result of this.