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  • Welcome to the Spring Mobile forum!

    We're excited to announce that Spring Mobile is the latest addition to the Spring family. As you are probably aware, mobile device application support is becoming more important, whether that be mobile web or native applications. Spring Mobile is focused on development of mobile web applications by providing extensions to Spring MVC.

    As with all Spring development, the community involvement is key to the success of these projects. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please join the discussion and let us know.

    For more information on Spring Mobile, please view the project page and GitHub repositories at the following links:

    We have a separate forum available for the Spring for Android project.

    Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!
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    more details please for file structure


    thanks for this. It was really handy finding this just as I'm about to revise my old notes on using wurfl with spring to use with my students this week. While the greenhouse example shows how to layout the pom and xml files, it doesn't seem to have the files mentioned in the guide.

    For example, we're told to have a CustomWebArgumentResolverInstaller, but I can't seem to find that in the codebase of the greenhouse application. In addition, can you put some comments into the guide about using this with Roo? It looks to be straightforward, but it'd be nice to know if any gotcha's are lurking ahead.

    Thanks again, this will really be useful for everyone.


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      found the sample app

      Found the sample app after looking more closely. Didn't see it before as I came into gitorious via a different route. I'll point it out here as the 'samples' app here:

      Thanks again folks. This should be great.


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        @scharlau. Thanks for pointing this out. I've added a note and link in the original post about the samples repository.


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          I just updated the sample repository links to point to the new location on github. Please make sure you are pointing to the correct repositories. Sorry for any confusion!


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            I just browsed this forum and was interested in past discussions regarding spring-android, but the entries are mixed between others for spring-mobile (which I'm not that interested in right now).
            Thus, I wonder, wouldn't it make sense to create a dedicated forum for spring-android? It is a independent topic, and even though it is "mobile" as well, I think discussions are quite different to the "mobile" threads.


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              Agreed. The discussions are quite different, and it is confusing for me too. It's on my todo list to break out the mobile and android threads to different forums. Obviously that will take some manual work, but hopefully the result will make things easier for everyone.


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                Oh sounds good!
                Can I anyhow assist you on that regard? As I'll be about reading most of these anyways, I can compile some list of posts or whatever right away as well.


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                  We now have a new Android forum available. I'll be migrating the existing threads in the coming days. I appreciate the offer, however to perform the bulk move, I have to go through them all anyway. Glad you found us, and we look forward to collaborating with you on these projects!


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                    I just tried your sample app but it looks like the kindle fire was not able to recognize as a tablet. Is this a bug or isnt included yet on the latest release?


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                      The Kindle Fire is not being detected. I added a JIRA to resolve the device to tablet or mobile depending on the mode in which it is operating. In the current release, you can also override getTabletUserAgentKeywords() in LiteDeviceResolver to set your own values.