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  • Newbie spring mobile question

    I started playing with spring mobile recently.

    I understand the device detector and its benefit.

    But what i dont understand is, whats the aim of site preference management? I can see that is is intended to switch sites from mobile to full desktop if required.

    But why do i need spring mobile for that, im sure its possible to do using spring mvc as normal and just have link pointing to the different site?

    And the same applies for site switcher...

    I guess im asking, Why would i need spring mobile to do the switching or site management when all i can see it does is direct me to another location, can i not do that with spring mvc? .. maybe i am missing some critical information?

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    Device detection is integrated into site preference handling. Your initial site preference is set to the current device type making the request. You can then select to view the other site and future requests will respect that preference. Essentially it is a way to override the view as determined by the device detection.

    Technically, site switching is not redirection in the way you think of redirection in Spring MVC. Site switching supports three different URL strategies that give the appearance of redirecting to a different site. In reality all of your views are stored within the same application. The mobile and normal URLs are mapped to the same site. You then use device detection to conditionally display view data for mobile, tablet, or normal devices.

    It is certainly possible to accomplish this with just Spring MVC. In fact, Spring Mobile is built on top of Spring MVC, using the features of Spring MVC. The point (and goal) is that if Spring Mobile provides functionality you can use, then you can just add a few lines of configuration and not have to worry about it yourself. And if it doesn't quite fit your needs, then we would appreciate hearing about how we can improve it.


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      Thank for you that Roy, makes much more sense!

      I currently work in the on-line game industry, and i think spring mobile def has some potential for us. We work with various devices, so could be ideal.

      I will provide some feedback as and when we really get into using it.

      Not much documentation/tutorials on how to use it ... maybe i will put something up


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        Check these links. Hopefully they can help!

        Project page:

        Reference Docs: