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  • JIRA tasks descriptions

    Hello all,

    First, a short background:
    I'm new to Spring and, besides an academic course, to Java and it's ecosystem. I am a seasoned .Net developer, mostly client side.
    Now I feel like it's a good time for me to make some switch and explore the fields beyond the MS pasture. And the whole world of Java looks very fascinating (Spring, Groovy, Scala, what's not?).

    I am a strong believer in a hands-on learning. So solving some problems and adding some features to existing OSS project is a way to go for me. And Greenhouse looks exactly like the thing.

    My questions are:
    1) Is there any way to find unassigned JIRA issues based on complexity?
    2) Where can I get exact description for the tasks to be done? For example, issue #519 has only a title, which doesn't make it clear (at least for me) the exact functionality required in this case.

    I will very appreciate any answer/direction.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Michael,

    We are currently working on Greenhouse in preparation for our annual SpringOne conference. In this case, you have witnessed us quickly entering some JIRA's for just that purpose. These items have been discussed offline, but certainly should have been updated to include more detail. If there is a particular issue for which you have a question or comment about, then please add those to the JIRA itself so we can better track that discussion. The open issues have not been triaged with a level of effort, so there isn't any way to sort based on complexity at this time. We appreciate your interest and feedback on the project, and the reminder to be more diligent in entering details for JIRAs.