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  • Spring BlazeDS installation with Roo

    Despite having read through the vast number of posts surrounding installation issues, I find myself just as confused!!! I am attempting to install SpringSource Tool Suite with the Spring Blaze DS addon. However I'm having dificulty in finding a definitive list of compatible downloads.

    I initially tried...

    Springsource Tool Suite (STS) 2.5.2.SR1 which includes Spring Roo 1.1.2. I then added the Flex 4 lnk file into the STS dropin folder. I then downloaded the Spring Blaze DS Integration 1.5.0.M1 and copied the roo.addon-1.0.0.M1.jar file from the BlazeDS dist folder into the ROO_HOME/bundle directory

    When I fire up my IDE, roo runs fine, I can create a project and add persistence etc but the 'flex setup' command does nothing.

    Can anyone give me a list of compatible downloads that will work? Or point me in the right direction. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    You're on the right path, but you need the most recent nightly build of the addon from our snapshot maven repo, rather than the one included with 1.5.0.M1. The most recent as of today is here:


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      Thanks Jeremy, I think I'm mostly there now, I just seem to have some issues now with work proxy servers.


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        I've got several complications:
        1) I was trying to install flex builder on a 64 bit version of STS 2.6 and it was not possible due to some flex builder limitation. So I downgraded to the 32 bit version. and now I have STS 2.6 with flex builder.
        2) I've installed the latest snapshot of the flex plugin: org.springframework.flex.roo.addon-1.0.0.BUILD-20110405.091028-270.jar
        3) I dropped the previous jar on the spring-roo-1.1.2.RELEASE folder

        I can use the plugin, create a project, add entities, etc. It does the flex scaffolding, and all the nice generation features, however:

        1) The flash project cannot be run as it does not set the scaffolded mxml as the main application of the project and when I manually do it, it cannot find the includes on the rootunes_scaffold-config.xml file(this is with the famous rootunes step by step). Specifically this:

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
        <flex-config xmlns="">
        <includes append="true">
        <symbol>org.rootunes.presentation.artist.ArtistVie w</symbol>
        <symbol>org.rootunes.presentation.album.AlbumVie w</symbol>
        2) The flex compile cannot find dependencies, it says 3.7 compiler misses a bunch of dependencies such as: org.jvnet.animal-sniffer-annotation....

        Is that because I am using roo 1.1.2 instead of 1.0.0.M1?


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          I guess Other question is:
          What is the latest proven to work combination:

          STS 2.6 + Roo 1.?.? + Flex add on 1.0.3 Release?