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  • Flex and GWT Setup

    Is it possible run GWT and Flex projects in a single Roo project? What is a good approach for blending these environments using Roo?

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    It should definitely be possible, as they both build upon the same foundation. Nothing special should be required.

    One caveat to watch out for is that I've previously seen some issues with trying to install both the GWT tools and the Flash Builder 4 plugin into the same instance of Eclipse. This may be fixed now, but I'm not certain.


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      These environments do work together well, but performance struggles on the STS side.

      Here is the simple script using command line Roo with the pizzashop demo.

      project --topLevelPackage com.springsource.roo.pizzashop
      persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY
      entity --class ~.domain.Topping --testAutomatically
      field string --fieldName name --sizeMin 2
      entity --class ~.domain.Base --testAutomatically
      field string --fieldName name --sizeMin 2
      entity --class ~.domain.Pizza --testAutomatically
      field string --fieldName name --sizeMin 2
      field number --fieldName price --type java.lang.Float
      field set --fieldName toppings --element ~.domain.Topping
      field reference --fieldName base --type ~.domain.Base
      entity --class ~.domain.PizzaOrder --testAutomatically
      field string --fieldName name --sizeMin 2
      field string --fieldName address --sizeMax 30
      field number --fieldName total --type java.lang.Float
      field date --fieldName deliveryDate --type java.util.Date
      field set --fieldName pizzas --element ~.domain.Pizza
      controller all --package ~.web
      gwt setup
      flex setup
      flex remoting all --package
      perform eclipse

      It's arguably easier to tackle this as a Roo Project in STS from the beginning instead of importing the project afterward.

      These tutorials may prove valuable: