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  • Flex Addon for Spring Roo - Compatibility Update

    As many of you trying out the Flex Addon have discovered, the current milestone release (1.0.0.M1) is only compatible with Spring Roo 1.1.0.M1 and STS 2.3.3.M1. It does not work with later releases of Roo, up to and including the final 1.1.0.RELEASE.

    As of Nov 17th's nightly build (which you can obtain here:, the Flex Addon has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Spring Roo 1.1.0.RELEASE and STS 2.5.1


    Further changes were required to bring the addon into line with Spring Roo 1.1.1.RELEASE. These changes are available as of tonight's snapshot ( and going forward. Many thanks to Thomas Fowler for supplying a patch that served as the foundation for this update.
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    Thanks Jeremy and Ben. Spring Roo with the Flex Addon made it really easy to get going with Flex/Blaze/MySQL! Awesome stuff!!!


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      2.5.2 ?

      Is it me or is it happening again with STS 2.5.2/roo 1.1.1 ?


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        Originally posted by mla View Post
        Is it me or is it happening again with STS 2.5.2/roo 1.1.1 ?
        Yes, it is for me at least. I did however manage to rewrite the 'generateAll' method in the FlexOperationsImpl class to get it working with Roo 1.1.1.RELEASE [rev 156ccd6]. I also had to make some other minor changes to some other classes because of deprecations between Roo 1.1.0 and Roo 1.1.1.

        There has been some sketchy behavior for me though when attempting to execute the 'flex remoting all --package [...]' command on a large number of domain objects. I suspect this is due to some of the changes I made, in particular those made to the 'createActionScriptMirrorClass' method in the ActionScriptEntityMetadataProvider class. I'm not very familiar with Queues in Java (or multi-threading/concurrent programming for that matter) which is why I think I'm having issues. If someone could take a look at my changes, I would appreciate any and all feedback.

        Which brings me to my next (somewhat off-topic) issue. Are there any plans to move the spring-flex code base to the SpringSource git repo.? If we could get that done, that would be huge in terms of collaboration and would make reviewing other folks' code much easier and more productive. Just my 2...

        Anyhow, if anyone wants me to zip up the flex roo addon so they can take a look, just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.




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          Thomas, I'd love if you could attach whatever changes you have made to this post or provide a SVN patch to get the current SVN trunk working with Roo 1.1.1. I'm noodling with the database reverse engineering features of Roo 1.1.1, and the result of DBRE isn't compatible with Roo 1.1.0, and also not with Roo Flex (which hangs in Roo 1.1.1).

          Is there a JIRA item out there for the Roo 1.1.1 hang? If not, I'll volunteer to file one and work with Jeremy (or whomever) to get this patched!


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            SpringRoo and Flex add on...


            I am trying to get this whole shebang working, with particular regard to flex and the add on. I am running the following:-

            STS 2.5.1.Release
            Adobe Flex 4
            and i have added org.springframework.flex.roo.addon-1.0.0.BUILD-20101118.020007-139 (though it does not really seem to matter which version I add!!! None of them work)

            With the exception of SpringRoo these all seem to be working correctly....

            Whilst I don't get the hang upon executing 'any' roo command as you do in 2.5.2 and 2.6.0.M1 (because i have the flex roo add-in) I do have problems with the 'flex setup'command I get the following error:-

            Command 'flex setup' not found (for assistance press CTRL+SPACE or type "hint" then hit ENTER)
            No remote OBR repositories have matching add-ons matching your request.

            Any clues anybody.....I really want this to work and to be able to desert MS for good!


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              I assume you've at least run the basic 'project' command first (or done the equivalent in STS of creating a new Roo project)? The 'flex' commands won't become available until there is a proper project in place.

              One other thing to try would be to delete the 'cache' directory from your Roo installation. This will force the embedded OSGi runtime to re-discover all available bundles, including the Flex addon.


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                Basic Stuff

                Yes and Yes!


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                  Hi Jeremy,

                  Apologies for that rather rushed last answer, was just leaving work!. In essence though I had created the project framework as described and deleted the STS cache directory. I have managed to at last move on a little from this. So a summary of where I am now first:-

                  STS 2.5.1.Release
                  Adobe Flex 4

                  This is all the same as previously but I was having issues with a few extra broken flex plugin perspectives. So I removed these and started again with my flex plugins. These are now correct and so...

                  I am now able to execute all roo commands including 'Flex setup' without locking the IDE. However once maven has been through the mill I get the following issues on my output window. Maven to me is nothing short of witchcraft and so any help would be appreciated. I am guessing that there is some mismatch in files but I do not know HOW to address this issue

                  2/3/11 8:34:02 PM GMT: Missing artifact org.springframework.flex:spring-flex-core:jar:1.5.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT:compile
                  2/3/11 8:34:02 PM GMT: Missing artifact org.springframework.flex.roo.addon:org.springframe work.flex.roo.annotations:jar:1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT:compile
                  2/3/11 8:33:33 PM GMT: Maven Builder: AUTO_BUILD
                  2/3/11 8:33:35 PM GMT: [WARN] Missing POM for org.springframework.flex:spring-flex-core:jar:1.5.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT
                  2/3/11 8:33:35 PM GMT: [WARN] Missing POM for org.springframework.flex.roo.addon:org.springframe work.flex.roo.annotations:jar:1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT

                  Thanks in Advance


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                    Yea, using nightly builds tends to require a little tweaking.

                    You've got two choices in this case:

                    1) Check out the source of Spring Flex from SVN and run a build yourself so that your local repository gets populated with the necessary snapshot (since you are Maven-averse, you might prefer option 2)

                    2) Update the Roo project's pom.xml to include the Spring maven repository for nightly snapshots. To do this, just add an entry like this as a child of the existing <repositories> element:

                        <name>Spring Maven Snapshot Repository</name>


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                      Everything was working fine with sts 2.5.1 and now i get this error :

                      HTML Code:
                      org.springframework.beans.factory.parsing.BeanDefinitionParsingException: Configuration problem: Failed to import bean definitions from relative location [flex-config.xml]
                      Offending resource: ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/spring/webmvc-config.xml]; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionStoreException: Line 12 in XML document from ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/spring/flex-config.xml] is invalid; nested exception is org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.c: The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'flex:message-broker'.
                      Do you know where it can come from ?


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                        Development Environment Confirmation


                        There does not appear to be a place on the website to find older versions of STS, so I'm assuming that your November post regarding the use of STS 2.3.3M1 is no longer valid. In this thread, there appears to be some forward movement using STS 2.5.1.RELEASE. Personally, my initial attempt failed.

                        So, going forward, I'm going to stick with STS 2.5.1.RELEASE, roo1.1.1, FLex Addon 1.0.0.M1 and try to debug and resolve the issues as I find them. Do you think this is wise at this time, considering how each of these items are changing so rapidly?

                        Any response would be greatly appreciated.



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                          The current state of things is that we are broken with Roo 1.1.1. (I should get time to fix that next week.) Roo 1.1.0 should work with the current nightly snapshots of the Flex Addon.


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                            Great news! Thanks for the quick reply. I'll post my environment settings when I get this successfully up and running.


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                              I used the environment as discussed above:

                              Mac OS X 10.6.6
                              Java 1.6.X
                              STS 2.5.1.RELEASE
                              Roo 1.1.0.RELEASE
                              I was not able to move forward cleanly with STS. A couple of "gotcha's" that folks should be aware of. Given that you may have a working directory like:

                              you will want to perform some house cleaning when changing versions of STS, ROO or any of the other items. I realized I forgot to cleanup the cache and sts-cache directories when starting from scratch. Also, if you happened to change your STS versions, you will want to delete the .eclipse_keyring file found in your home directory.

                              I'll give the STS rebuild another try on another machine later this evening.

                              Fight the good Fight!