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  • Auto-Redirect on Session timeout


    I am using Spring-Blazeds integration for our flex application running on Tomcat.
    I want to implement session timeout Auto-Redirection in UI.

    There is a spring configuration file called protect-config.xml in which following code initiates an http request http://localhost:8080/login/login.htm on session timeout(whatever time value specified in <session-config> in web.xml, if not specified it will be default 30 mins).

    <beans:bean id="sessionMgmtFilter" class="" >
    	    <beans:constructor-arg ref="securityContextRepository" />
    	    <beans:property name="invalidSessionUrl" value="/login/login.htm"/>
    Now, the problem is my UI is not getting redirected automatically to Login screen back. When I check HTTP live headers in mozilla then I am able to see that http://localhost:8080/login/login.htm is requested with GET request on browser but Browser URL remains unchanged and hence the UI page.

    Please help.


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    Any responses?

    I am not able to find any solution to this question.
    If any senior member has knowledge about this topic then please let me know.

    It's critical.

    Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Miralkumar,

      You might want to try the ConcurrencySessionFilter:

        <bean id="concurrencyFilter"
          <property name="sessionRegistry" ref="sessionRegistry" />
          <property name="expiredUrl" value="/session-expired.htm" />
      <bean id="sessionRegistry" class="" />
      Details can be found at:

      This filter should be placed in your filter chain before your SecurityContextPersistenceFilter and after your ChannelProcessingFilter (if you have one).


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        The Flash Player basically ignores redirects when communicating over AMF channels, and as I recall, you can't get to the response code very easily through the ActionScript API. In order to redirect, I believe you'd need to use the JavaScript bridge.


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          Work Around

          I have handled all flex fault events and then depending on the fault details I take according action.


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            I have created one page and it has a button that allows the user to return to the application it means restart a session in the application, all of my code works correctly, when I try to redirect them back to the application start page, at that point it just detects that the session has timeout and redirects them back to the session timeout page.