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  • Status Update

    Hey folks,

    I see my absence of late here on the forums has been noticed, so I just wanted to give a quick status update.

    Since the release of Spring BlazeDS 1.5M1 + Flex Addon, I've been a bit side-tracked (more-so than I originally expected to be) and very heads-down catching up on a backlog of work with my name on it for other Spring projects. In particular, the new resource handling support that showed up in Spring 3.0.4, Comet/WebSocket support (via Atmosphere) for Spring Integration, and a number of other experiments around server-side support of various HTML5 features that showed up in my talk last week at JavaOne. Unfortunately, in order to fully focus on these things, I've had to pull away from the forums. I apologize for any questions that have gone unanswered in that time, but typically the community does a pretty good job of stepping up in my absence. I will definitely spend some time in the next few days catching up on any questions that may have been left hanging.

    As for the status of Spring BlazeDS 1.5 and the Flex Roo addon, they will be my sole focus for the remainder of the year now that I've caught up on other tasks, and I hope to be able to reach GA with both sometime in December.

    In other good news on this front, some new committers from Adobe have been added to the project, and I've been in the process of reviewing some contributions from them. In particular, they have added the necessary support to ensure that the existing spring-flex core will work with some of the more critical LCDS-only features such as their NIO-based channel endpoints. This code has no direct dependency on LCDS, so we've been able to keep it in the core. In addition, they are working on better integration with Spring for upcoming versions of LCDS.



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    Welcome Back

    I, for one, am glad to have you back.



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      Hi Jeremy,

      Thank very much for the update...

      I used Spring BlazeDS 1.5M1 + Flex Addon for my Grids & Charts (GnC) app. The addon was very-very helpful. You can vist GnC at I have other Roo-based projects as well:

      My goal is to exercise all relevant Roo addons: flex, security, mvc, etc with close to "real world" apps implementing and deploying "real" apps.

      I cant wait to try next Flex Addon

      Thank you


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        Hi Jeremy,

        Do you have an update for those of us who are waiting with bated breath for progress on Spring BlazeDS 1.5 ?

        Thank you!!!


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          Hi Jeremy,

          Any news on Spring BlazeDS 1.5 GA??



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            Progress is slower than I'd like, but progress is definitely being made. I'm just about finished with a fairly significant set of improvements to the Spring Security integration and some other general refactoring of the core. From this point forward, we will be releasing the core project and the Roo Addon as separate artifacts. First will come an M2 release of the core, followed by an M2 release of the Roo Addon. From there, I hope to go rather quickly into the RC phase and on to GA. If current velocity holds true, M2 of the core should be within the next few weeks, and the Roo Addon should follow along not too far behind.