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  • Generated Flex Project with Flex add-on for Roo


    I have followed Jeremy's video tutorial and managed to build a simple Flex application using the Flex add-on for Roo.

    I am using STS 2.3.3.M2 with the Flashbuilder 4 plug-in.

    I have noted that If I use Roo to create such a project that the generated .mxml files present me with some problems. First, when I edit them, the mxml editor does a fine job on the mxml but does not highlight the text in the embedded action script in the <fx:Script> tag. Second, the "Design View" of the .mxml files do not work - The properties panel indicates that "This Panel is only available for CSS and MXML files".

    So I decided to try to create a simple .mxml file within the project to see if my STS environment was screwed up. In this case STS insisted that I first create a Flex project in order to add a .mxml component. This suprised me because I thought the the generated Flex Client would already have been a Flex Project. So have I misunderstood something?

    I guess that in some way STS or Flashbuilder is not seeing the Flex nature of the project. So, I made the bid leap and right-clicked my project and selected "Add/Change Project Type->Add Flex Project Type". Which created a new .mxml application file. And seems to have added the flex and actionscript nature to my project.

    At this point the only good news is that if I copy the scaffolded .mxml file into the new application .mxml file, the editor is quite happy to present everything as expected. But is still does not do a good job on any of the Roo generated .mxml. Also, I guess I am at a bit of a loss as to how the FLex add-on sets up my Flex environment.

    I'll admit to a lack of experience with Flex, so the configuration is a bit of a black box to me: I am not sure when and how the generated scaffold-config.xml file is used and I suspect that there is a way to adjust the Flex properties to "understand" the generated .mxml - but I do not know.

    If anyone can point me in a good direction, that would be great.


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    For what it is worth, some of the problem was simply solved a) adding the Flex project nature (which was probably too obvious to mention) and b) by going to the project properties, Flex Build Path and adjusting the main source folder to the src\main\flex which is where Roo put the source and which again was probably too obvious to someone who does this kind of thing all the time.


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      Hmmm...actually, that all should have been handled (i.e., the proper metadata should be generated by the addon) as soon as you run "flex setup". Were you running the commands from within STS as I'm doing in the video, or were you using the command line shell? I'd like to reproduce whatever didn't work to ensure this process is as smooth as possible.


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        Hi Jeremy:

        I was using STS at the time. Since then I have not generated another project so I can not say if it can be reproduced easily. Sorry, I should have thought to try, but I'll be doing it again as soon as the current project is out the door.



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          I've been running into the same problem. Flex project nature is not recognized by STS and flex design view is blank.

          STS 2.5.2
          Flash Builder 4 build 272416


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            It seems like the problem is with 3.5 version of eclipse...I installed Helios based STS and everything works fine , yeah...


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              OK, it stopped working again. Flex project nature is not set and Flex design view is again blank...I am about to give up ... can't figure out what is going on. Am I the only one having these issues??????