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  • Flex4+Spring3+SBI+BlazeDS4+Maven+Eclipse

    Can some one point me to some documentation, where I can find the maven artifacts by which I can creates a Flex4, Sprring3.0, SBI (Blazeds4) projects and import them to eclipse IDE and able to debug them as well.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello anybody out there?



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      If you're looking for an example of this that uses the latest production release (SBI 1.0.3), then the closest thing would be the Spring 3.0 version of the Test Drive:

      It's a good starting point, but you would have to tweak the dependencies to pull in Flex 4 and BlazeDS 4.

      Alternatively, if you don't mind living a little more on the edge, the absolute fastest way would be to use the new M1 releases of SBI 1.5 and the Flex Addon for Spring Roo:

      The 'flex setup' command will configure the pom with all the necessary configuration for BlazeDS 4 and Flex 4, plus it will add the right metadata for Flash Builder.


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        HI Jeremy,
        I tried your step two. I'm getting the following error.

        Command 'flex setup' was found but is not currently available  (type 'help' then ENTER to learn about this command)
        Looks like I have to somehow specify to Roo about the BlazeDS 4.0 info!

        Any ideas?

        Thanks in advance!



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          You haven't set up the basic Java project yet. You need to do that before adding the Flex capabilities. Note that in the Spring Roo shell, you can hit the TAB key and it will tell you what commands are actually available at any given time. There is a sample project script that comes with the distribution, as indicated in the docs, that demonstrates a typical workflow.

          It sounds like you need to get a basic understanding of Spring Roo...start at the project page:


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            Hi Jeremy,
            Thanks for the reply! Well gave my self a crash course on maven, AspectJ, and ROO. (Almost a semi expert ).

            Going to try Roo for generating the project!

            Thanks a lot for pointing me to the right direction!



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              Cool. You might want to also check out the screencast I just published today:



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                Hi, i think that you are looking for something like this.


                Really, i think that it is gold for me. I expect that for you too.

                Guillermo from Argentina.


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                  Template project

                  Hi, I am also looking for SBI template project. Similar to Spring MVC Project Template.
                  Now I am just following a combined Flex/Java project setup (which we do using Flex builder 3)
                  I have no idea on maven, ROO etc... But STS is providing maven support within IDE, and I read few stuff about maven and it advantages and thought to give it a try.
                  I embedded Flash Builder 4.6 into STS and tried creating a Flex/Java combined project and converting to maven project and many more other ways. But I am unable to get the right setup.
                  I request Jeremy, to put up a template project. So it would encourage more number of people like me to kick start the project.