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  • Using specific JESSIONID


    BlazeDS supports for SessionManagement through Cookies or URL, if cookies is disabled then it uses automatically URL. However if I want to force specific JSESSIONID to all communication from Flex to Java side, then is there any elegant way of doing it ?

    Any hint would be really helping me to finish my project.

    Thank you..

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    Are you saying you want to actually control the value of the session id? The servlet spec does not make any allowances for this of which I'm aware. The session creation process is somewhat of a black box left to be an implementation-specific aspect of your servlet container. You *might* be able to find a container specific way of controlling this, but I'm not certain.

    Out of curiosity, why do you need to control the value?


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      It is not something like I want to use my own value for the sessionId, but instead I want to use certain sessionId which I got already for all the BlazeDS communication.

      Something like this:
      I embed the flex application (lets say App A) into other application (App B). For some reasons, App B gives a token to App A through servlet of App A and App A saves this token into the session. Somehow this session must be used in all communications for that user.


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        So really, you just want to share information between separate applications (i.e., two distinct WARs)? I would suggest using some sort of message passing approach. Spring Integration would be a good candidate for implementing such an approach.