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  • Populate Flex Tree using java remote call

    Dear All,

    I am using Spring BlazeDs, I need some help in populating the tree control in flex by sending the data from a remote call to java. (this is not a spring problem, but hoping to get some help related to creating an dynamic xml in remote method)

    But I am unable to find any good example.
    Currently , I query the Database get the screen list based on user role and form the xml and send it to flex. This works fine, but the problem is , if i wanted to have multilevel tree(submenu), I am not sure how to form the xml in java side.

    Can any one point me to some examples.
    Thank you

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    I'm unclear as to your exact question. Are you asking for what to use on the Java side to actually generate the XML? Or are you more asking what the XML is supposed to look like to work correctly with the tree component?


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      Data Base Driven Menu


      I think this question is irrelevant to this forum, but just in case to let you know, I was looking for some sample related to Data Base Driven menu creation.

      I would like to create XML from my Tree List in flex, using Database. (some kind of dynamic Menu Management System)


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        Have a look at ITreeDataDescriptor in order to create a CustomDataDescriptor for populating your tree.


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          You don't need to use XML to populate a tree control in Flex. You can also use nested domain objects and give the tree a data descriptor (ITreeDataDescriptor as stated before) so the tree knows how to present and navigatie its source.