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  • Cannot Run Testdrive Outside of WTP

    Please help! I have built and loaded the testdrive projects into eclipse and I have been able to run a few samples using WTP.

    However, when I deploy the testdrive.war into the webapps directory of my Tomcat installation, it starts up fine, but any client is just a no-op. For the first sample (blazeds101) hitting GetData does absolutely nothing.

    Anybody have any suggestions? I really, really want to use this (it's perfect because we are 100% Flex on the client side), but I have a very tight deadline and I'll have to go back to something I know works if I can't get resolution soon.

    I don't have a whole lot of experience with WTP. Is there something you have to change to deploy standalone?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    The problem is that the application is configured to be deployed as the root web app (i.e., it comes up when you access http://localhost:8080/). You can either modify the URLs in the channel definitions in services-config.xml to take an app context path into account and re-build, or just drop it in as the root web application.

    The reason the sample is configured this way is due to the history of the sample evolving from Christophe's bundled Tomcat version where he had the web app structure stored directly in Tomcat's root webapp folder. We will be changing this in a future release because it has (as you've just experienced) led to some confusion, and causes problems on other app servers where it's not as easy to deploy as the root web app.


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      Thank You!

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks so much for your reply. As it turns out, I had a breakthrough late last night finally getting my own webapp (which was basically a very tiny clone of your testdrive) to come up and respond to a client remote object request. I did end up modifying the URLs in the services-config.xml as you suggested and that was the trick. Since I'm obviously new to the Spring-BlazeDS integration (and WTP, too for that matter) I didn't know if the {}, {server.port} notation was some type of runtime replacement token strategy (ala Spring/Maven) or what. So I just changed it to set the values using Maven filtering. My plan going forward is to let the Flex client "discover" the connection parameters via some other (runtime) means.

      I'm currently wrestling with actually getting a sensible response back to the Flex RemoteObject and displayed in the UI. I can see my request actually reaching the server (it's getting logged), but the response back to the client varies from nothing to '[Async Token]'.

      So that may be my next post to the forum!

      Again, thanks so much for the help.