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  • flex.messaging.HttpFlexSession in web.xml needed?


    I've done some projects using "plain" BlazeDS and using Jeff Vrooms SpringFactory to integrate with Spring.

    Now after started playing with the Spring BlazeDS Integration I wonder if it's still required to have the flex.messaging.HttpFlexSession listener that comes with the default BlazeDS web.xml in the web.xml when using Spring BlazeDS Integration or if this will be all handled by the Spring-managed MessageBroker (e.g. Session will be forwarded and provided to the MessageBroker by Spring)



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    I'd like to know too

    Has anyone figured out the answer to Dirk's question? I know that the Spring BlazeDS testdrive example still omits HttpFlexSession even in 1.0.0.RC2 but I also see a BlazeDS warning message if I don't include HttpFlexSession in web.xml (although our backend service seems to works fine without it). Is it worth including HttpFlexSession to shut up that warning or might including HttpFlexSession cause any problems (performance, memory, garbage collection, etc.) in a backend service that gets many simultaneous calls from many Flex clients?

    Thanks, John


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      It doesn't hurt anything to add it back in web.xml, if you just want to make the warning go away. Whether you have it there or not, it still gets used by BlazeDS. Having it in web.xml just enables it as a session attribute listener. You don't strictly need it unless you have need to implement the FlexSessionAttributeListener or FlexSessionBindingListener interfaces.