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  • Spring Flex 1.5, lazy loading issue with mutual object references

    I have objects referencing each-other (Country has a regionProvinceSet, RegionProvince has a Country):

    public class Country {
        private String name;
        @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL, mappedBy = "country", fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
        private Set<RegionProvince> regionProvinceSet = new HashSet<RegionProvince>();
    @RooEntity(finders = { "findRegionProvincesByCountry" })
    public class RegionProvince {
        private String name;
        @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.EAGER)
    //    @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY) -> tried this as a solution too without success
        private Country country;
    On the Flex side, when I load a Country, e.g. Belgium, and thereafter lazily load the the RegionProvince's of Belgium. There is a second country instance created for the country inside the RegionProvince instances. But this is supposed to be the same Belgium object of course.
    (i checked by creating a static counter inside my Country class (on the Flex side) that increments inside the constructor)

    I even tried, in Flex, implementing the UID interface and mapping the UID to the id of the Country class. But still a second instance gets created.

    Is this normal behavior? If so, what could be best practice here? Manually remapping the value to the original Country instance?

    Thanks a whole lot in advance,