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  • How to configure custom Logger for the SBI?

    The SBI prints too many statements for each remote object call and for each poll request of the polling channel.Though these information are in very detail and very useful, we feel that these will not be needed in production environment.

    Please see the lines below printed for a remote object's request...

    [BlazeDS] Deserializing AMF/HTTP request
    Version: 3
      (Message #0 targetURI=null, responseURI=/2)
        (Array #0)
          [0] = (Typed Object #0 'flex.messaging.messages.RemotingMessage')
            operation = "controlScheduler"
            source = null
            headers = (Object #1)
              DSEndpoint = null
              DSId = "D1C5EF03-60E5-40F1-BD87-21FD4B4CD8F9"
            clientId = null
            destination = "SchedulerDestination"
            messageId = "D7D20B8C-EEEA-CED0-733C-E061B621FB96"
            body = (Array #2)
              [0] = "start"
            timeToLive = 0
            timestamp = 0
    [BlazeDS] Adapter 'java-object' called 'null.controlScheduler(java.util.Arrays$ArrayList (Collection size:1)
      [0] = start
    [BlazeDS] Result: 'null'
    [BlazeDS] Serializing AMF/HTTP response
    Version: 3
      (Message #0 targetURI=/2/onResult, responseURI=)
        (Externalizable Object #0 'DSK')
    (Byte Array #1, Length 16)
    (Byte Array #2, Length 16)
    (Byte Array #3, Length 16)
    So Is there a way to conrol the SBI's log statements?...

  • #2
    I found a way to solve this problem...
    It is not because of the SBI but by the BlazeDS configuration itself.. I configured the logging in services-config.xml and got the logger simplified with just ERROR and Warn statements..
    please see refer this link for more detail...