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  • Spring MVC or Aurora MVC?

    Hi All,
    Nothing significant has come from Spriing Comnmunity about Aurora MVC framework. Any comments , e.g. if spring will deliver the same functionalities in future or not? And what about the lead developer's comments that Spring MVC is not good in production? Is Aurora really Better?

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    If only I could find the time to have a look at this. As far as using Spring MVC in production applications: I've used it in a variety of different applications, ranging from a backoficce application that required a rich user interface and an application requiring extremely high performance. The thing I like about Spring MVC is that it's flexible, allows you to do whatever you need to do, without enforcing too much.

    I hope to have a look at Aurora soon.



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      I don't think the author of Aurora was trying to say that Springs MVC is no good in production. I work with Ken, and we evaluated some of the popular MVC's at the time (Webwork, Struts) and the newest one Spring (this was quite a bit before Spring 1.0 became final), and we choose Spring because it is a good MVC we have respect for. As projects grew, Ken saw some simplifications that could be made, or just had ideas to make our development efforts more productive, and Aurora developed.

      Is Aurora really Better?
      I've seen Aurora in production projects, and I've converted apps that were using Spring MVC to Aurora MVC, and I know the code got simpler, reuse improved (especially with Wizard forms), and it removed some annoyances for you. I think Aurora is an step forward for the SpringMVC, and really is better.

      if spring will deliver the same functionalities in future or not?
      It is still much to early for this to be answered. Aurora was just released, and I doubt the Spring guys have even had a chance to properly evaluate it. I'd like to see Aurora eventually added to Spring, I really can't see them re-implementing the functionality because the code is very well written and tested. But, I suspect when people start using Aurora more, there are going to be things that will change in Aurora, and it might be better for that code to stay as a seperate project until it has evolved more.

      Adding Aurora to a project is really pretty easy. Say you just wanted to make a complex search form that Aurora handles better (built in support) and keep all your current controllers up and running, Aurora should just slide in and really not look out of place. You will still be dealing with mostly Spring artifacts and the concepts are very much based off Rod's J2EE Design and Development ideals for designing a MVC.