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  • How do I create dynamic pages? (Partials from Rails)

    This may seem like a stupid question but I'm new to Spring and I want to do what I can do so easily in Rails.

    Let me explain in "Rails terms" then hopefully I can ask intelligently enough for Java/Spring.

    In Rails I have a main layout template called "application.html.erb".

    Within that file there is a <%= yield %> tag so that if I choose to render another view (such as customers), the tag "yield" will be replaced by the customers view.

    I tried to do this using Tiles 2. I found a few tutorials but NONE of them work. I have the simplest Spring MVC web app I can think of. I can post all of the code if needed.

    I really don't care if I use Tiles 2. I just need that functionality. It's insane to have all of my JSP files containing the same HTML text (headers, etc).

    One option I thought of would be to use static JSP fragments for things like menus and headers. This is probably the way I will go if I can't get some type of dynamic rendering going.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I use static jsp to define hearders, footers, and menus.
    Personally, I think tiles 2 cannot handle pages created on the fly..

    Maybe you can take a look of the preparer of tiles 2. I haven't used preparers. So I am not sure whether that can help or not.