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  • Websphere 5.1 deploy isn't get spring.jar everytime

    I have deployed a web app developed with the Spring framework. I copied the jar into its web-inf/lib folder but when i reload the app (redeploy) the server doesnt get the jar loaded and throws ClassNotFoundException randomly ponting to DispatcherServlet.
    The deploy task unpacks the war file into a app-root where the server loads the clases, descriptors, config, jsp and locates the files that belongs to the webApp. The spring-jar is unpacked correctly, is located in the correct folder and available to be loaded by the server classloader system everytime.

    I have been proceeding like this (copying the jar files into web-inf/lib folder) everytime my app uses one but is my very first having this problems... :shock:

    I really dont know if anyone have experienced the same problem or know if i could do something to get it work...


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    I know the answer to your question

    Hi there,
    I am working with Websphere 6 and had the same problem. The reason is because the classloader has not load spring.jar before your application, which is required to do IoC (Am I right? ) All you need to do is copy the spring.jar, and other classes you have included in web-inf/lib into your JAVA_HOME (Websphere's), lib\ext folder, and put the jar files in there.

    Appreciate if you have any findings on Websphere development with spring too,if you can share with me. I have been looking high and low. Not many people using Websphere seems to be adopting spring at the moment (my opinion)



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      try associate a class library to your application. Config in the websphere.


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        classloader policy

        Also in the websphere admin console you can set a classloader "mode" for your web application ("PARENT_FIRST", or "PARENT_LAST").