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  • egervari
    started a topic Well, First Release of Aurora is out

    Well, First Release of Aurora is out

    Well, I don't know if this is spamming or not (if it is, just delete it and no hard feelings), but I just wanted to say that the first release of Aurora is out. It's an MVC framework that replaces Spring's MVC module (note: not the web module) and provides an alternative approach to building form controllers using Spring. You can go to for downloads, documentation, samples and that sort of thing.

    The framework does a lot of things better than Spring and then there are a few things that it doesn't do quite as well. It's still a work in progress (the alpha stages), but hopefully people see value in the approach and we can build from there. The big features is that Aurora enforces a common programming model, gets rid of the plumbing due to exceptional cases when dealing with request values and provides more support for objects (like mapping object references or even collections of references).

    The framework was built with a test-first approach. The project has something like 615 tests now, which is a lot considering it only replaces a few packages in Spring. The clover coverage is quite high (it was 98%, but it might have went down a bit over time, I haven't ran it in a week or so).

    Anyway, if you think it's great or sucks, let me know. Hopefully it helps out other people because I know it has helped me.

  • catalin
    Great coding! And a good idea too!

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  • tv
    Seems interesting, I also looked for different solution for input validation and binding, didn't like to create command object for each form etc. But generally I think spring is very good. Will have a look at aurora later, because now I'm starting other tasks, not webdev

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