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  • Empty View using Jasper


    I was struggling all day to find out the problem, but I found nothing.
    I'm using now Acegi, Spring MVC, and Jasper.

    And what I have, I want to pass the result of my searching in to the view, which invokes JasperReportsMultiFormatView.

    What I get is only an empty page for all formats, pdf, excel, and html.
    The JasperReportsMultiFormatView is invoked, because the application doesn't send any error, but like I said, it returns an empty pdf file, empty xls file, also empty html file.

    I tried with some jrxml files, which also work in another application. So I think the problem is not in jrxml file.

    Can somebody help me ?


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    Error exception in Jasper Spring


    I think, no one has the same problem as I.
    I just found the hidden error, so the view displays the pdf, xls or html without error. But the page is empty.

    And like I said, I tried all possibility. I tried also using another jrxml, which works in other page. It still displayed an empty page.
    I tried implement subclass from Jasper view class, didn't work.
    I checked the whole library, there was no problem.

    And I checked into the code, what I found. The code doesn't return any error if the page empty. And in may case I found the error in reportDataKey. This property accepts the data to be reported, but it doesn't proof whether the data ok or not.

    So I just used another constructor to to build the data
    //JRDataSource xmlDataSource = new JRXmlDataSource(docw3c, "/ino:response/xql:result/contract");
    JRDataSource xmlDataSource = new JRXmlDataSource(docw3c);
    And it works, I think the XPath that I'd given in JRXMLDataSource was wrong. But Spring doesn't return any error.

    I'll check in again and let you know.



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      Same problem

      Hi sjtirtha

      I had exatcly same problem as you, thanks for your investigation. It works now


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        I am using something like,

        InputStream fUECReportStream = getServletConfig().getServletContext()
        JRXmlDataSource xmlDataSource = new JRXmlDataSource(stringToDom(xmlResult));
        where xmlResult is an XML string which gets converted to DOM from stringToDom function.

        JasperRunManager.runReportToPdfStream(fUECReportSt ream,
        servletOutputStream, parameterMap, xmlDataSource);


        public static Document stringToDom(String xmlSource) throws SAXException, ParserConfigurationException, IOException {
        Document document = null;
        DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
        DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
        document=builder.parse(new InputSource(new StringReader(xmlSource)));
        The PDF gets opened, but I don't see any data?

        Is there any mistake somewhere?