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    i know it is not the good place for the question but no one find an answer so i try with spring forum.

    In fact the problem is simple : i open a popup window from an iframe and i lost my session in the opener window ?

    Here is my code :

    <a href="#" onclick="javascript&#58;open&#40;'<c&#58;url value="editModeleRechercheFret.html"/>',737,391&#41;;">
    It's only only appears when i call popups windows, the navigation in my iframe works fine. The jsession id is ok in my popup.



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    Try using Mozilla, there seems to be a bug in IE. I got the same "error" using Oracle JDeveloper (Embedded OC4J) and IE in development time. When I deployed my Application to the server everything went well. So I switched to Mozilla.



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      None of your users have IE, or was this just a design-time problem?


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        This was a design-time problem. As I said, When I deployed my application to the server, I could use IE succefully.


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          Thanks irbouho and smccrory for your help !

          In my case that it is the same in production, :cry:

          And nearly all my users are in ie (~90%). I must find a fix and i must start the part next week.... Please help...



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            Is the second window being created with a new browser process, i.e. is it missing the main processes' session cookie? Do you have cookies enabled in your browser so that the session ID can be managed that way (URL-expressed jsessionid can be a real pain)?


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              hi smccrory,

              The jsessionid is in the url because i use c:url to format my url.

              To resume :

              One window with an iframe, in the frame a call. The cookie are blocked because ie is doing this for the iframe (it is for him a tiers cookies).

              The window call send the jsessionid.

              An idea ?

              Thanks Fabien.


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                Sounds on the surface like you might have to manually add jsessionid into c:url since the cookie isn't coming going over with the call. That way the server will know which session to associate the window to.

                But I'm really a JavaScript and JSTL newbie (I'm mainly an engine-room kind of guy) so someone else could probably handle your question better. If you don't get an answer here, your might try a JSTL forum...?